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Alerting Banks

In an industry, where security is immensely important in a broad range of areas, the AMX Alarmserver provides solutions for all requirements. Financial service providers face numerous challenges and through effective risk management, they can minimise potential hazards.

AMX Hot-Hot System

As the leading alarm management system, a number of banks are already among our clients. The advantage of our unique system is that the alarm stations can be expanded cost-effectively at any time and offer the highest security through redundant alarms. Unlike our competitors, our licensing model is not restricted to a certain number of alarms, but rather for the license as a whole. Therefore the solution can be scaled as needed and can be operated in the future with a different number of alarms, without incurring any additional costs. It can also be extended to additional locations and/or branches.

The diagram below illustrates the alarm platform at a Swiss cantonal bank. In the event of a fire, the fire brigade, police and internal departments and/or people are immediately informed through the fire alarm system. Chosen work stations receive a pop-up notification directly on their monitor which has to be confirmed (acknowledged). Thanks to the conference component, certain internal and external persons can open a telepone conference call in order to determine the next steps in managing the crisis.

Crisis management

In addition to numerous alert types such as text messages, paging, pager, speech etc, specific crisis management solutions can also be used. These can be sent to a group of agreed-upon numbers with chosen, pre-defined parameters (text codes) in order to arrange further interaction (such as “immediately engaging the emergency exits” for example).