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Mobile App Parts 2: KATA

Reliable alerting with ATT Mobile App

Nowadays, fixed workplaces at a single location are becoming increasingly scarce and a certain degree of flexibility is required. Our ATT alerting solution is therefore oriented on sending alerts not only via PC workstations, but also via mobile devices such as smartphones.

In the following second part of our four-part series, we will show you the functions of the KATA module.


Using the KATA module, you can trigger alarms anywhere and at any time. Alarms can be selected on the user-friendly interface of the ATT Mobile app and triggered with one click. Via the WAM web interface, users can be defined once in order to determine which alarms may be triggered by which users (authorizations).

All pre-configured alarms in the WAM are displayed simultaneously on your mobile app. The practical function with KATA Groups enables a quick overview of all alarm types and shows all the users included in them.


  • Trigger alarms around the clock
  • Alarm text editable
  • Users to be alerted can be selected
  • Can be customized for individual users

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