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  • Strong Alarm Management solution with Nortel thanks to ATT’s AMX


    In addition to joining the Nortel Open Developer Group in 2007 and having its AMX Alarm Management Server CS1000 certified in January 2008, since August 2008 ATT has been accredited as a Nortel Developer Partner with the AMX product.

    Key customers can now profit from new alarm features.

    • Various special ring tones underscore the priority of an alarm
    • Call forwarding is ignored and the alarm signal is always received by the original destination
    • Subscribers on an in-house call are disconnected, so that the targeted subject can always be reached
    • Mixed IP/TDM environments are supported

  • Siemens Enterprise Communications HiPath product line successfully recertified


    As a Siemens Enterprise Communications Advanced Technology Partner, ATT has successfully recertified the HiPath 3800 V7 and the HiPath 4000 V4.

  • ATT is a qualified member of the Aastra Approved Partner Program (A2P2)


    ATT has successfully completed the qualification process A2P2, which guarantees the unlimited interoperability with NeXspan and the new Aastra 5000, an innovative IP-based communications server for up to 150,000 subscribers.

  • New Gateway software from ATT (EUG & SUG)


    ATT has decided to market dedicated modules from the Alarm Management Server (AMX) as stand-alone software packages as well. The following software modules are now available under Windows 7, Windows Server 2008.

    • SUG = SpectraLink Universal Gateway (Polycom SpectraLink Wi-Fi)
    • EUG = ESPA Universal Gateway (ESPA 4.4.4)

  • Raising efficiency at SMB healthcare and retirement homes


    The AMX Alarm Server with the integrated Panasonic CSTA interface protects not only your resources but also your budget.

    • the AMX Alarm Server does not need to be equipped with expensive voice lines and can handle the entire process just by forwarding text messages
    • in case of emergency, individuals busy with a call can be disconnected on a dedicated basis
    • patients can be connected directly to the nurse without using an AMX voice line
    • confirmation of an alarm and other customised features can be activated by just pushing individual keys on DECT or wired terminals

    The best feature is that upgrading is always guaranteed, the same as for all other products in our portfolio.

  • ESPA Universal Gateway (EUG) from ATT helps protect your investments


    The ESPA Universal Gateway (EUG) is offered in three different versions:

    EUG Type 1 is used to exchange data between an ESPA 4.4.4 interface and a PBX voice link. Data is forwarded to DECT, wired and Wi-Fi terminals as voice and text messages by using standard protocols like EuroISDN, QSIG and VOIP with SIP. In retirement homes, it is crucial to provide help as quickly as possible, so that measures can be taken not only efficiently, but also in time. In an emergency,confirmation and escalation procedures are less important than fast and detailed notification. In such cases it is usually enough if the nurse call system is able to communicate with the PBX over an ESPA 4.4.4 interface.

    EUG Type 2 enables the communication between an external ESPA 4.4.4 interface and the CSTA access of different PBXs. In this version only text messages are sent over to the terminals. If the PBX does not have an ESPA 4.4.4 interface, the ESPA Universal Gateway with the CSTA module is used. This interface ensures the direct communication between the nurse call system and the PBX and conveys/controls the information delivery as plain text on the display of the terminal. Depending upon the PBX, a lot of different features can be used. The first successful realisation was executed with the Panasonic TDA 100 and the integration with the Siemens Enterprise Communications HiPath 3000 will be finished shortly. Further integration will be realised based on upcoming project requests.

    EUG Type 3 is used to convert different incoming protocols like “line protocol” or specific building/process control protocols such as MOD-Bus,which meets the standard ESPA 4.4.4 protocol (European Society of Paging Associations). It is deployed if upgrading an old system is either too expensive or if the system is simply not upgradeable and the data must be integrated into a new environment using ESPA 4.4.4 (paging system, PBX, etc.). In addition, the new enhanced ESPA Plus with more functionality is also available.

  • HotelEXPERT Messaging powered by ATT


    ATT has created a separate module named SpectraLink Universal Gateway (SUG). This provides a 2-way interface to SpectraLink Wireless Telephones for third party applications, such as HotelEXPERT (hotel workflow management system) by New York City-based Metromedia Software, Inc (MSI). Depending upon the running application, different soft keys can be activated to facilitate the rapid and real-time interaction between the third-party application and the Polycom SpectraLink Wireless Telephone’s (Wi-Fi) operation.

    This integration was recently completed and MSI is actively marketing this solution –worldwide – to its major clients such as Hiltons Family of Brands, Four Seasons, Westin, W Hotels, Hyatt International, Ballys, etc. This effort by MSI puts ATT’s solution onto a very large market. Other vertical applications willing to boost their customer acceptance in an unique way will be presented soon.

  • SpectraLink Universal Gateway (SUG) from ATT


    SpectraLink Universal Gateway (SUG) from ATT opens the door to system integrators & ISV

    Increasing numbers of manufacturers within the telecom industry are integrating Polycom SpectraLink Wireless Telephones. ATT not only made Polycom SpectraLink Wireless Telephones accessible to its own Alarm Management Server AMX, it also offers this software module to third-party vendors and system integrators. The SUG offers a fully transparent 2-way communication path for the exchange of text messages and has been listed since July 2008 as a “SpectraLink Certified Messaging Application” (SCMA). Depending upon the running application, different soft keys can be activated to facilitate the rapid and real-time interaction between the third-party application and the SpectraLink Wireless Telephone’s operation.

    Integrations are utilized in Workflow Management environments for the assignment of tickets/tasks, or with critical safety applications for monitoring and localising employees involved in an emergency. Vendors using the ATT SUG module as middleware to connect to SpectraLink Wireless Telephones are exempt from an individual lab test for their product.

  • New website offers RSS feed


    ATT has activated it's new website. Current news can be delivered automatically to your desk. Just activate the new RSS feed. In addition, you have the possibility to search for all relevant information within the current language settings. Please let us know about problems and ideas, or just give us your feedback by using the contact form.

  • Aastra A2P2 qualification process


    Aastra Telecom Switzerland AG (ATS) located in Solothurn is a society of the Aastra Technologies Limited, Toronto (Canada). ATS supplies and markets European-wide Internet Protocol (IP)-based as well as traditional communications networking products and systems. After successful realization of projects with NeXspan systems from Aastra, Aastra and ATT decided to initiate the A2P2 qualification process. This allows not only a high-standing quality but also secures the integration of the ATT Alarm Management Server into new products, like the Aastra 5000, an innovative IP based communication server for up to 150.000 participants.