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Felsenmeer - GSM

Felsenmeer - Concept

SHALOSH ECO - Occupational safety for lone worker is an important topic. An alarm, which can be triggered either consciously or unconsciously, can save lives. The personal-emergency signal device can send a wide range of configurable information to the cloud alarm server using the 2G GSM signal. Various parameters show to the control centre where the person is located. In the event of an alarm, an automatic voice connection can be established to the alarm server via the local mobile phone network and various localisation information (indoor/outdoor) can be transmitted. Additional safety functions such as heartbeat (sign of life) complement the solution.


Alleinarbeiter Totmann PNG GSM Shalosh ECO Felsenmeer

SHALOSH ECO - charging station

BEACON - Indoor location


GSM S EX PLUS - ATEX charging station

BEACON EX - Indoor location

Technische Daten Felsenmeer

  • Depends on your will: Emergency call with red button
  • Independent of will: Position alarm, rest alarm, time alarm, fall alarm
  • UMTS / GSM network connection
  • Transmission of data via SMS or http to swiss made cloud alarm server
  • Localization Indoor / Outdoor
  • GSM S EX PLUS - Use in hazardous areas
  • Beacons for indoor localization
  • Alerting on various media: voice, mobile app, SMS, pager, mail, conference, etc.

PNA - Protection of lone workers

Wherever individual workstations or people working in hazardous areas need to be monitored, the PNA (people emergency signal system) will save lives.

In the event of an accident (willful/independent), detailed information about the person involved and their environment is immediately transferred to the cloud platform.

  • Type of emergency call
  • Outdoor Coordinates - GPS
  • Indoor Coordinates - Beacon
  • battery status
  • Vital signs PNG
  • Conference calls are set up with the persons involved in the accident and those to be assisted
  • SMS, pager or mail messages to all other persons

PNA / PNG Cloud System

lone worker Totmann PNG PNA Man-Down