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Lone Worker - App

Lone Worker - App - Concept

Individual emergency call solutions for lone workers - full solution with the AMX alarm server.

Lone Worker - App

Lone Worker

The emergency call application ATT lone worker has been specially developed on the basis of the guidelines issued by the German trade association (BGR139) for the protection of people in dangerous workplaces. The application version ProSave Loc also complies with the requirements of DIN EN 50518 - DIN EN 50518 applies to alarm receiving offices, which monitor and/or process signals, which require an immediate response in emergencies. Overview of the supported alarm situations on the application: • Each alarm is individually switched on and off • Manual alarm • Triggered on a lockscreen or hardware button (dependent on device) • Pre-alarm can be switched off, emergency alarm can be switched off • Remote station can be silenced for emergency alarm • Alarm tone can be subdued • Impact alarm, Triggered when device is hit • Free fall alarm, Triggered on a free fall (not when thrown), rest position alarm • Triggered when the device is not moved over a preset period of time • Cyclical alarm (dead man alarm) • Triggered when the cyclical warning is not manually confirmed in a preset period of time • Incline alarm • Triggered when the device is on too steep an incline over a preset period of time.


The application included in this solution in the ProSave LOC version also supports emergency notification by text message, particularly the transmission of the alarm via a secure preset connection using IP address connections (DIN EN 50518) to the alarm server.


The redundant HOT-HOT alarm server solution is operated in-house by the client in a vmWare environment. Both alarm servers receive the data from the individual lone worker protection apps via IP. The connection between the app and the alarm server is constant so that people can be located immediately with the push of a button if necessary. The data received is further processed on the alarm server after the end of each process. A connection to the internal Cisco Call Manager (PBX independent) for speech alarming is included. This enables communication with the ‘lone worker’ and the first aid team to be established in important instances. At the same time all incidents are automatically communicated to the head of safety by email or printed out from the network printer. These are possible scenarios, which must be specified more clearly later.


The information from the lone worker involved in the accident can be sent by text message, mobile app, pager or email. If no confirmation is received by text message or mobile app, an escalation alarm will be immediately triggered at another group.

Technical data Lone worker app

  • Complies with the guidelines and requirements (BGR 139) of almost all European professional associations and accident insurance providers.
  • No special equipment available . Surveillance of risk and accident situations possible in real time.
  • Supported alarms: Time, impact, resting position, incline, quiet alarm, battery status and more.
  • People in emergencies located with GPS coordinates, network, wireless access points, Bluetooth LE beacons.
  • Alarming over various channels (text, voice, wireless, GPRS, IP) hands-free mode.
  • Localisation over WLAN or Bluetooth smart beacons.
  • IP-based alarm redirection to emergency call centres (PSAP) in accordance with DIN EN 50518.
  • SIP Client on WLAN, SIP as a backbone in GSM failures.

Alleinarbeiter Dashboard

  • Alarmierung Aktiv/Inaktiv Status
  • Lage Alarmierung Status
  • Ruhelage Alarmierung Status
  • Fall Alarmierung Status
  • Lebensmeldung Status
  • Batterie Alarm Status
  • Tasten Alarme Status
  • SOS Alarm auslösen

Einstellungen Beispiel

  • Alarmierung aktiviert
  • SOS Alarm aktiviert
  • Dauer des SOS Voralarms aktiviert
  • Alarmierung deaktivieren sobald das Gerät aufgeladen wird
  • Alarm Lautstärke

Einstellungen Beispiel

  • Batterie Alarm aktiviert
  • Batterie zustand alarmieren

Einstellungen Beispiel

  • Keine Bewegung Alarm aktiviert

Einstellungen Beispiel

  • Man Down Alarm aktiviert

Einstellungen Beispiel

  • Aktivierung und Deaktivierung Alleinarbeiter