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In order to guarantee the well-being of the guests in the tourism industry at all times, it is important not to underestimate safety in disaster situations in addition to good service. As a leading Alarm Management Server throughout Switzerland, we have been serving various hotels and tourist companies as customers for many years. The AMX Alarm Server ensures the guests are evacuated and the information is passed on to all important locations involved thanks to extremely short reaction times.

Whether you are dealing with a fire alarm, a burglary or a threat, our AMX Alarm Server is the ideal solution for various demands. We guarantee the best possible safety for employees and guests using a redundant server that can be extended at any time.

There follows the pictorial schematic of a luxury hotel in Switzerland:

Alarm Hotel

As illustrated in the pictorial schematic, this virtual Alarm Server has an email reader as well as 4 ADAM boxes (floating contacts) and ESPA interfaces fire alarm and burglary system. When the alarm starts as a result of a fire or a burglary, all guests will automatically receive a telephone call in their rooms, thanks to the interface hotel check-in/check-out. They will be made aware of the imminent evacuation in their own predefined desired language (Ger, Fr, Eng).

In order to inform employees as well as guests reliably, modules are available for text, over the internet, email and language (SIP). When called, the employee receives a predefined message and is then connected to a conference call. The entire conference is recorded in the alarm system and can deliver the details as necessary to the locations involved.